Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Executor of Your WIll

One of the most important considerations when making your Will is who you will choose to carry out your instructions once you have passed away.
Amongst other duties your ‘Executor’ or ‘Executors’ will likely be responsible for

ü  Selling your property,
ü  Collecting in your money,
ü  Making sure any tax gets paid and
ü  Paying your money out to those named in your Will.

You would therefore be wise to choose somebody you trust who is good at paperwork, managing legal issues and any disputes. It can be difficult to find someone with all of these qualities and some people therefore choose a solicitor as their Executor or a family member and a solicitor to act together as their Joint Executors.

It was recently reported that court cases where non-professional Executors such as friends or family members have failed to carry out their instructions properly (through either mistake or dishonesty) have more than tripled over the last year, highlighting the importance of making a careful choice when it comes to making your Will:

By choosing a professional Executor such as a solicitor, you can feel confident your instructions will be carried out properly and there will be insurance in place to protect those named in your Will in the unlikely event this should not be the case.

We at Murray Hills Solicitors can help you with the preparation of your Will and are more than happy to act as your professional Executor.

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